Sunday, 9 July 2017


.My daughter's first instance of getting bullied

 It actually sounds cute, rather than horrifying when I think back. My daughter wanted to relieve herself desperately and so, went to the teacher to ask her the permission to leave and use the washroom. The teacher was busy scolding the naughty ones and didn't even look at her. My daughter being a shy one, took it as a "NO" and went back to her seat. After sometime, she pissed in her skirt. 
Her bench mates found  out and told her " Your secret is safe with us. Don't worry we won't tell anyone, if you do whatever we want for a month." My poor girl agrees and she is saved the horror of being exposed. 
Back home,when she told me this, I didn't know what to say!" I told her "Tomorrow when you go to school and meet your friends , tell them its okay. Tell them  this can happen to anyone of us. Don't worry then. I will also keep your secret for free.After all, we are all buddies and buddies keep secrets for free."

 I think this will work. What do you say? Share your experiences.

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