Friday, 7 July 2017

What's going wrong with our maids?

Pidgins to Pigeon Pies.... They could do it all...
The community of Indian Butlers, Tray Bearers, Porters, Governesses are all dying their own death as the old traditions of gone eras in the Indian Armed Forces give way to the less frugal, more democratic ways. How they used to take pride in their spotless well-starched white uniforms. They picked up the functional languages like pidgins and creoles and managed to please us with their knowledge of crockery, cutlery and dishes as young officers. Their unmistakable service during social gatherings, formal dinners... a marvelous affair. But, all of it gone, replaced by incompetent men and tolerated by their equally incompetent supervisors.
 One community still manages to survive and that is the Maid servants.  Somebody has rightly said: The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Ladies teach their maids to live properly and they pick up fast. The maids learn the culinary skills of various regions.They learn to speak properly. They put their children to school. They learn how to live.I thought so.
If this was true what went wrong in instances where maids are stealing ration items, kidnapping children, indulging in all kinds of shady business and to top it all: their children trying to molest young  women officers, and in another instance posing as the same ladies, stealing into the houses and also logging on to the Wi-Fi with some freaky apps.
What's going wrong?