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Using Home Remedies for curing common ailments in Kids

Festivals mean lot of extra work for mothers: extra cleaning, extra cooking and extra shopping. Although all these extras do not bother you much till the time there is not an extra cough or cold irritating your young ones. Many times we neglect the signs of low immunity in our children while we are busy preparing for the festivities. 

Sometimes even a simple romantic drive through the woods or the mountains can become irritating if your bundle of joy doesn’t sleep, eat or take the feed because of running nose, cough or cold. And what worsens your agony is that you may find Maggi in remote villages but a doctor (forget a child specialist) may not be seen/heard for miles together. 

Has this happened to you anytime?
 For all those first time parents working in different cities, this situation can be normal and at times, it really spoils your much looked forward to festivals or holidays. It happened with me too. And that was when I started respecting my Nanima Ka Batua- a small purse kept by my Grandma with her always which was full of herbs, home-made concoctions and sweet nibbles. As a young mother, she always advised me to try home remedies to cure any common ailments in my kids. I thought with the onset of so much of pollution talk related to festivals and winters; discussion on using home remedies as against the alopathic antibiotics or medicines for curing the common ailments in kids would be an interesting read. 

Advantages of Using Home Remedies for curing common ailments in Kids

1.            A home remedy is anything that you can use at home and it doesn’t require a doctor’s
2.            A home remedy can be prepared from things available in your Kitchen cabinets such as a little mustard oil, garlic, ginger and such other items. So you have no doubts about the shelf life and expiry dates of the ingredients used.
3.            You are 100% sure that the ingredients used are safe, organic and fresh.
4.           There will be nil/ less side effects of using natural medicines created through home remedies as compared to alopathic medicines in babies.

Precautions while using Home Remedies for curing common ailments in kids

1.            Traditional home remedies have been used for generations which prove that they do work; otherwise people won’t be using them. But still, one needs to be careful when using any home remedy on your child because, there is always a first time.
2.            Your child might be allergic to some supplements, herbs or veggies as commonly used as honey, ginger or barley. So you need to be very careful and at times consult your doctor before you use any of these remedies.
3.            Sometimes, being a concerned parent, you may get alarmed too early and diagnose your child’s simple condition to be a major ailment. Remember: the whole aim of suggesting these home remedies is to enable you handle small emergencies and in fact, not let them become a serious ailment. But if you find nothing is working for your child, do not let it go on for long. Consult your doctor at the earliest.
4.            In case your child is suffering from any other allergy or ailment and taking prescribed medicine on a daily basis for it, do share with your doctor the information about these home remedies that you are giving your child for some other common ailment. For instance, if your child is asthmatic/diabetic and taking some regular medicines for it while having a congested chest; do consult the doctor about the home remedy you want to use to cure his/her chest congestion.
5.            And the most important precaution for any parent with a toddler: keep out any herb or organic roots/shoots from the reach of your toddler who would just love to grab and taste it. 

Herbs are cheaper than most of the drugs, they are easily available and in most of the cases they are just as effective and often safer. That’s why I as a parent would always recommend trying out these home remedies for curing common ailments in  kids before you take your child to the doctor for any strong medicines. Yes it is definitely important to talk to your doctor and clarify your doubts about your child’s health since every child is different and his/her body’s reactions would also be different. 

But what makes these home remedies a better option as compared to alopathic or homeopathic medicines is that they do not interfere with the defense mechanism of the child’s body and work towards building their immunity to fight external organisms. 

Still, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor and tell him about the home remedies you plan to start or have been giving your bundle of joy….

Happy Parenting!

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