Friday, 9 March 2018

07 Personality Types of Men and Women around Us - Personality Predictions

The social media was full of all kind of things related to what women want in their Women’s Day special editions. From types of make-up to the types of profession safe for women, you will find everything in there. It left me with nothing to write about. So I decided to quietly watch the repeat telecast of divas walking on the red carpet at Oscars. I heard the naughty, witty Jimmy Kimmel trying to figure out how Oscars was never about Box office Hits but always about getting things right like Mel Gibson featuring in What Women Want! What else could women want!??!  Living with a Psychologist husband I have started sharing his hobby of observing people during some of their private and public moments. Though it is said that great minds discuss ideas, both of us like to discuss the “personality” behind the minds and the words they speak, the gestures they make and of course the actions they take. 

Some we fall in love with immediately, some we admire and want to imitate and then there’s the other type whom we hate openly but admire secretly. So here I made an attempt of penning down my findings about 07 Personality Types of Men and Women Around Us.Guess where you fit and what kind of partner you have out of these 07 Personality Types of Men and Women around Us. 

  Women We Are

1.         The Desperate Housewife:
Obviously the name says it all. These types of women are the married ones, with children and workaholic husbands. So, their only pastime remains to be going to the gym, joining the Zumba classes, baking classes and dropping their kids from one class to another. They drive, they surf, they shop online and they know just everyone/everything that’s happening around them. But, honestly speaking, their night life is not so exciting any more. So they are always looking for spicing it up through anything/anyone that comes their way. That once in a year family holiday to exotic locations where they flaunt their long legs and short dresses is the only activity that they look forward to. Come festivals and you find them shocking everyone with their booty in those deep-neck blouses and chiffon sarees. Don’t be surprised if you hear about or find an Anna Karenina in one of the 07 Personality Types of Men and Women around Us. They are capable of a lot to get back that zing in their night life.

2.         The Holy Angel: 
Sometimes during parties when you all are enjoying the delicious chicken wings and ask your otherwise foodie neighbour about why she isn’t eating, the reply that you get is “Aaj mera vrat hai!” (Today I am not eating). Suddenly you all feel like the Devil’s Assistants who will pay for their sins soon. That’s the holy Angel, one of the most deceptive type out of the 07 Personality Types of Men and Women around Us. Come October and the religious festivals season starts in most parts of India. So we find ladies praying all day long and sometimes during nights too (Jagratas). Once I was invited to one such Jagrata. While I was on my way to the venue, I tried to recollect some of the religious verses I might be expected to know. And then I felt guilty that I didn’t know much. But as the night progressed I was amazed to see that women had nothing to do with the religion. They were here to show how much more collections (chanda)they had done than their neighbours, how much expensive DJ and Singers they could hire and last but not the least, how much more gold ornaments they were wearing. Religion was a garb to be outside the house at night and be able to prove their powers over others in the household: especially the older men and the younger women.

3.   The Party Woman: 
Also known as the Butterfly, she is the life of a party, or you can say for her the life is a big party.  I love this type out of all the 07 Personality Types of Men and Women around Us. Whatever may be the theme: they are always bang on. They are always ready for a party. Even when they see off their children to school or pick them back from hobby classes, their appearance is perfect. I wonder how all their selfies, close-ups and group pics are  always perfect. Their Instagram, Fb, and Tumbler everything is full of party snaps. Be it a morning tea, a Sunday brunch or a late-night birthday bash, they have just the right make-up, the right clothes (never repeated), the right moves and the right attitude together.  Smart small talk is their forte. Regular men may find them to be the high maintenance types as they spend a lot on keeping those good looks. But young and restless bachelors will always find them attractive and definitely they are. They are ready to move with any confident, smart sexy gentleman only if he’s got the right moves.

4.         The Business Woman:
She just loves to deny her femininity. She loves the business suits, the tight jeans and the shorts. You will find the laptop and her I-pad next to her bed and her Facebook profile will have some smart spiritual quote with an exotic sunset/sunrise in the background. Her Whatsapp profile will proudly declare at work/school/in a meeting throughout the year. And while people will discuss the maids at parties, she would make some lame attempts at praising the ladies for their sarees and food. She is a fitness freak and would always show up at events like Pinkathon, Walkathon and sport her smart sexy (always dark coloured)hot pants. They may love to dress up once in a while and go to the club and drink at the bar alone on a Friday night before they eye someone worth mingling with. Gentlemen who would like to date this type of women out of the 07 Personality Types of Men and Women around Us, need to be super-confident or super good. Those who love to play the Dom-Sub game, this would be the right type to flog or get flogged by! I still have to find out.

5.         The Housecat:
This type of woman is not synonymous with the Housewife. Unlike the housewives, these types of women want to remain inside the house. You can say somewhat similar to the Homemaker category. They like to take care of everyone, send delicious food in lunch boxes, clean the house, and do other homely things like painting, sewing and baking. They do not like to get out of the house very much, in fact partying and picnics would be the last thing even in their bucket lists. They may sometimes be too much interested in the TV shows, chatting on phone with their moms and girlfriends on a daily basis or not doing anything at all. They would love to nap till one in the afternoon, if it’s possible. Although they may look a very boring, dull type of woman out of the 07 Personality Types of Men and Women around Us; but many men prefer the Housecats for obvious reasons. They are less expensive and more homely. See how comfortable they make you in their cozy bedrooms with hot cup of tea and pakoras on a rainy Sunday. And you will agree with them.

6.         The Drama Queen:
Don’t confuse them with the Party Woman. The Party girls are the life of a party while they demand a party to live a life. Balaji Productions and Ekta Kapoor have a lot to owe to this type of women for their success on Television. This type of woman is easy to find in every household and workplace. Even if they break a nail, it has to be front-page news. Generally, they are good-looking women who would otherwise also get attention if they were not so annoying with their sob-stories. Be it a new dress or their PPT presentation, they can create a scene anywhere. And one can’t forget they are always right.  Out of the 07 Personality Types of Men and Women around Us they are the first ones to attract attention at public gatherings and also the first ones to pick up a fight. And to top it all, if they drink and smoke, they will be so loud at times, you have no other choice but to enjoy the fun. But if they don’t get attention, they know how to grab it too. Either through their revealing dress, gestures or language, they will make sure people notice them.  Remember Shamita Shetty showing her pussy in a party after she had some major flops in Bollywood? Or the best Rakhi Sawnt trying to speak in English on Barkha Dutt’s talk show. Some of the best showgirls.

7. The Shadow Girl: 
Sometimes they are confused to be the jealous ones.  But they are not exactly the jealous ones; instead you can call them the insecure ones or the control freaks. I remember, one of my colleagues’ in the IAF whose wife called every hour just to check whether
he had his breakfast, tablets and tea regularly.  And whenever I picked up and transferred the call to him, her first question would be: “Are you alright? Why didn’t you pick up my call?” Every time she made some exotic dish for his lunch box, she would call up his secretary and tell him to not let anybody else finish it before he tasted it. They want to know about everything that’s happening in their man’s life. Just like a sleuth, they will always be able to manage to peep into your office diaries, your FB account and your credit cards. They want to know where you are right now, what you are doing and who all were there with you. Maybe they are afraid of the partner cheating on them and so they want to be doubly sure before they spend life with you. I think all that they want is to be needed or loved by someone. So, although they can freak you out sometimes, it will easy to win over this variety of women out of the 07 Personality Types of Men and Women around Us if you really love them and show it to them.

I won't say which personality types are attractions or repellents out of these as in case of human beings, there is nothing right or wrong, but it is your perception which makes them perfect masterpieces or utter failures. Next time you go out with a woman on a date, look for signs of some of these personality traits and you may know what kind of relationship you are going in for. Now let's turn to the personality traits that a woman is looking for in her man. So before you fall for those lovely good morning messages, tulips and the chocolates, try to guess what you want and have......  

 Men We Want

      1.      The Desi Boyz:
      The rich, successful submissive Indian from abroad who knows how to chat, cook and clean the dishes himself is a ‘dream comes true’ for every Indian girl. He is a rare breed as most of them are looking for just the same qualities in a homely yet rich Indian girl. He will be more religious than your mother and really worry about the length of your shorts when you go shopping. You will find him looking for a smaller India wherever you are, so instead of Jalapeno you would end up frying Jalebis for your guests. He won’t let you miss India as you would be attending all those Indian fests like Karva Chauth, Diwali instead of Halloween or Thanksgiving in that Indian club in the neighbourhood. Once in a year, he will take you on a trip to Mother India where you get to go around meeting all your friends and relatives over meals in traditionally themed plush properties. For those women who are looking for a Security Blanket, this is a better version of a regular guy out of the 07 Personality Types of Men and Women around Us. You will have all those nice cars, nice dinners and the nice gifts that you wanted somebody to buy for you. He may not exactly be the adventurous one, although, but who cares when you are driving  a BMW?!!?

      2.      The Serial Kisser: 
    This type is well- represented by Imran Hashmi in Bollywood movies. He is that hostellite guy from your college who is seen is seen to be a moving hot property for on Royal Enfields. He can be one of the Bikers, Roadies or a Cowboy. His favourite attire: ragged Jeans and leather jackets. This variety loves adventure in the outdoors and the best part about them is they don’t spell Cleanliness. They are more physical in expressing their needs and desires. But once you get close to them you find they are easy to seduce. The best part about being around them is: there are no strings attached if and when you break up. They are very submissive once you show them how much you love them. They will do things which no regular guy would even think of just to get that one Kiss from you. So ladies looking for a one night adventure, this is the type you need out of the 07 Personality Types of Men and Women around Us. 

     3.      The Bad Man: 
   Yes, somebody who is just like Mannu dada (Shahrukh Khan’s character in Duplicate): the dangerous, tough guy from the next street. Not to be mixed up with the Serial Kisser, this man is sick. He loves his drink, his smoke and his tattoos. He doesn’t care for the girlish fantasies and he is not here to please somebody. The only thing that he likes is he. And still, he doesn’t find it difficult to attract the fair sex. The bike, the tattoo and the attitude is just too difficult to resist for many. Generally, they are not the settling types out of the 07 Personality Types of Men and Women around Us but that’s what makes women fall for their macho muscles.

    4.      The Digital Comedian:  
     They get their inspiration from stand-up comedians like Kapil Sharma. This man enjoys dropping witty one-liners from internet at boring business meetings.  He may attract your attention with his perfect sense of humour in tricky situations too. The best part about this type out of the 07 Personality Types of Men and Women around Us  is they are always cool and casual; they can show off their T-shirt and shorts to any place and make it the dress code for the event. What appears to be hilarious and pleasing in the beginning begins to sound like some life-time challenge to cover his super complicated life which he would never let you know. That’s why all those offensive jokes about him. But, so much of sarcasm and pun is not required in life. Finally, it all turns out to be normal and boring but the guy will still try to make it seem appealing with his jokes.

     5.      The Globe Trotter: 
     Another rising and highly irresistible breed of gentlemen, these days. They are the ones roaming around any and every place with a high definition DSLR camera, the binoculars, the traveller jackets, the cowboy hat and the safari boots. He will have lots of stories to tell you about everything: from the sunsets in Port Blair to the insect-markets in Vietnam.  He plans short holidays every year to varied places on the earth and manages to cover all of them as per the itinerary given by the travel agency. The best that he will do for a date, if he is not able to take you around the world is let you spend the night in his classy tent from Decathlon. His idea of spending a cool Sunday would be driving you around the countryside in his Jeep and clicking your marvelous selfies with the sun/moon/jungle/ sky in the background. If you are like Dora the explorer and don't mind keeping a lot of digital memories, you may fall in love with this type instantaneously out of the 07 Personality Types of Men and Women around Us. I have met many couples who visited Goa and Golconda just because these were some of the popular tourist spots in India. 

      6.      The Gabru Jawan: 
      He is that desi young man from United States of Amritsar who drives that open Jeep with big jazzy tyres and blasts Honey Singh’s latest Rap every time his phone rings. You may feel like the Indian version of Zeus or Hercules has landed at your doorstep when he smiles at you. But the image disappears immediately after one portion of chicken wings and two pegs of whisky enters his system. He becomes the much dreaded Dharam Paji (Dharmendra- an Indian actor) from Phagwara. This variety of men out of the 07 Personality Types of Men and Women around Us is again very much irresistible as he is ever ready for work, fun, adventure, excitement and everything else. He just loves the emotional drama at home as much as he loves his saag and rotis. Sometimes he can be as discreet as the Bond and at other times, he just shows his vulnerability when he cries in the movie hall. He loves to sing, dance and be romantic anywhere he goes.

7     7.      The Daddy Cool: 

     They want to control everything that women they love do. Right from the choice of clothes you wear to the kind of friends you choose: they can dictate everything.  But sometimes women find this Daddy cool extremely appealing as they have somebody to blame if anything goes wrong. I have some friends who have married men double their age just because they believe older men make better partners in life. This type of men out of all the 07 Personality Types of Men and Women around Us tend to treat their girlfriends as pretty little girls, which is again adored by the girls. They love to parade their partners as their prized trophy and are always ready to do whatever it takes to keep them happy. Some women feel this way; they end up always being the winner because they would be aging later than the husband. As a result, it becomes easy to lead your life with a man who takes care of everything: from bills to dinner reservations. Also, the pace of life is not so fast and that’s what pleases some women.

    Many men and women will feel they don't fit any of these personality types. Yes, I am aware even my man doesn't fit any of these types, but there won't be any fun in life if I spill the beans so early......From the Wife of Bath to the Memoirs of a Geisha, writers have tried to tell us about how difficult it is to know what wo(e) men want. Leave the punctuation aside, I feel its not that difficult to understand we all want to be loved by someone we like. And to some extent we all get what we want........