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Best Foods for Weight Gain in Babies, Toddlers and Kids

Ideas for Meals using Best Foods for weight Gain in Kids

Nutritious food is one of the pivotal building blocks of a child’s health. But many times it is seen that once the child is introduced to solid food, in addition to mother’s milk; s/he loses interest in food. At times, children are more interested in making friends, exploring the outside world and playing in the park. That’s why they are less interested in eating food. As a result, their weight and growth gets affected. There are many things that you as a parent can do to improve this situation. One of them is to know about the best foods for weight gain in kids. It will also help if you know how to cook and present these best foods for weight gain in  kids.

As a mother working in a job with frequent transfers all across the country, I learnt about many best foods for weight gain in kids. I also learnt about interesting recipes and ways in which the natives of one region of the country made best foods for weight gain in kids. In this article I am going to share the list of most commonly available and used best foods for weight gain in  kids 

Let’s begin with the lists of best foods for weight gain in  kids

       1. High Calorie Foods for Infants:

All kinds of Beans (cooked and                            mashed)
Lentils (cooked and mashed)
 Fresh ground meats (chicken, beef,                     lamb, pork)
Whole milk yogurt
 Full fat cottage cheese/Paneer
Mashed sweet potatoes 
Mashed potatoes

      2.        High Calorie Finger Foods for Toddlers
Peeled/Diced Banana
Sweet potato fries
Lassi (Sweet/Namkeen)
Homemade cheese crackers/puffs, 
Fresh/Dried fruits such as apple,                          oranges, pears, peaches
Hard boiled eggs
Frosted wheat biscuits
Diced grilled cheese sandwich
Homemade pancakes, waffles
 French toasts
 Peanut/Groundnut Butter balls
Sugar plums

      3.      High Calorie Additives for kids

The items listed below can be added to pureed and mashed baby food, soups, dalia/khichadi, veggies, rotis/paranthas/other forms of bread, yogurt, cereals, and eggs. Start with 1/2 teaspoon for every ¼ cup and work up from there based on your child’s preference and after talking with your doctor. 
            Oils (canola, safflower, flaxseed, walnut, and sunflower oil)
             Butter/Pure Ghee/Makhan                                                                                      
 Ground flaxseed
Full cream
Dry milk powder 
Sour cream
Maple syrup

    4.      Some meal and snack ideas using best foods for weight gain in  kids:   
a.     Breakfast ideas
Scrambled eggs with                   grated cheese,

 Cheese sandwich, 


Stuffed Parantha,

Kathi Roll

Porridge/ kheer/


  b.     Lunch ideas


Roast chicken with Steamed Rice
Vegetable Pulao
Aloo ki sabzi-Poori,

Pav Bhaji,

Home-made mini pizza with                                  meat, cheese and vegetables 

c.      Dinner ideas
Fried/Boiled Chicken/Veggies with mashed potato and grated cheese,
Omelet with potato, tomato, cheese,

Macaroni cheese or pasta with any kind of meat/veggies and cheese,  

Chicken legs/drumsticks with soft potato/cucumber salad,  

Fish fingers and vegetables with cheese on top,

         Soft baked potato with baked beans and cheese,  

        Rotis-sabji/Stuffed Paranthas such as aloo, gobi, muli or pudina/palak,

d.     Snack ideas

Yoghurt, frozen yoghurt,
Fruit cream/custard,
               Flavoured milk/milk (for babies under 2 years) 
Fruits milkshake/smoothie (for babies under 2 years)  
Crackers and cheese,
Fruit muffin, homemade slice/biscuits,
Soft vegetable sticks with dip or cream cheese,
Hard boiled eggs,
Fresh cut/diced fruit and custard/ice cream,  
Dried fruits/nuts with cut/diced fresh paneer,
Toasts with spreads (jams/ marmalades, butter or Makhan and jaggery) 

Hope you try some of these ideas related to Best Foods for Weight gain in Kids 
Share your experiments with me.

Happy Parenting!


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