Wednesday, 2 January 2019


Promises To keep For Parents and Kids

New Year brings in new hope to improve your life. New Year brings new goals and promises you want to follow about your work, own body and mind. You feel these new goals will help you further improve the quality of your life. Absolutely right! But many times, we make these resolutions with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm; but when it comes to following them we keep dilly-dallying our actions. And whenever it comes to parenting, it is very easy to delay our actions because the results are not instantly seen. It takes more than a decade to shape the personality of a child. What parents forget is that only those who hold fast to their dreams and goals move ahead in life. So let’s talk about Making New Year Resolutions with your children.

Do parents need New Year Resolutions?

New Years’ resolutions are pretty popular and so are breaking resolutions. Many parents must be feeling that these are really futile exercises and there is no real time need for making any promises or changes in your life. As it is, parenting is not a very exciting role for many of us;then why complicate it with new promises which we can’t keep. But your life will be like a ‘broken-winged bird’ if there is no scope for changes in it. Change adds spice to life. It may not be welcomed, but it will surely add to your life experiences. Then why not give it a chance!Who knows you might find new hope in the form of your children!

Do kids need New Year Resolutions?

Resolutions! Promises! Big meaningless words for kids. They may not even know that the New Year Celebrations are accompanied with some more rules which the elders would make for them. And, if at all they agree to make some goals, they aren’t likely to set resolutions of profound importance. Most kids probably won’t sit down and make their own resolutions, let alone follow through on them. Chances are they’ll propose something lofty, such as winning every football game they play this season, eat one candy every day and watch “Shinchan” for hours together.
But still,it is important to make them go through the whole exercise of making promises, setting goals and following them till they become a part of their life.

 How to go about it?
1. This has to be a process initiated by the parents.
2. You can start by telling them about how you plan to take that yoga class very badly or learn the art of baking cakes and cookies for them or stop taking your afternoon naps.
3. And then let them have a hearty laugh about how you keep saying it but never end up doing it.  

4. Now coax them to help you jot down some such plans which they will help you to complete on a daily basis.
5. You can help your young ones by brainstorming ways so that they can stay focused and motivated in helping you.
6. Take out a chart paper, pencil and coloured pens and ask your kid to enlist the things which s/he thinks you can follow throughout the New year.
7. Similarly, you can do it  for them.

Here I have jotted down some of the New Year Resolutions which you can try to practice with your children. Remember these may look very easy to you and your partner but your children may not agree to follow them. You might be already practising some of them. That’s why I would suggest to keep these resolutions as an illustration while trying to explain to your children.

Resolutions For PARENTS

      I will listen to my child/ren.
2  I will speak to my child/ren.
      I will spare some WE time with my child/ren every day.
      I will save for my child/ren’s future.
    I will not  shout at my child in front of his/her friends or others.

Resolutions For CHILDREN

      We will respect other human beings.
     We will learn about the world around us.
       We will spend some time daily in improving our mind and body.
     We will learn to share our toys, feelings and thoughts with others.
     We will not get addicted to mobiles, drugs, junk food or alcohol.

We can accomplish what Katie Hurley, author of The Happy Kid Handbook, recommends is a much more important resolution for parents:

Help your children explore their passions. Encourage them to follow their dreams. Help them understand the importance of happiness. Happy kids are more successful in the classroom. Happy kids are more likely to follow through with their goals and reach a little bit higher. Happy kids are confident enough to enter the world without worry. That is the greatest gift you can give your child this year.
Happy Parenting in the New Year 2019!!